Operational Excellence™

Best practices to maximize your return on investment


Operational Excellence makes the difference between a good and an excellent hatchery. Good management of all aspects in your operation and having the guidance for this will get you the best return on investment.

Petersime provides support, both remote and on site, to implement this for your specific hatchery operation. Maximizing results requires continuous striving for improvement. Adopting best practices within your hatchery will make your organization a real hatching champion.


Maximize your incubation results

Get the most out of your equipment

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Minimize your operational costs

For the complete lifetime of your hatchery

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Achieve uncompromised bio-security

Eliminate risk anywhere in your hatchery

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Maximize chick quality beyond your hatchery

Strive for perfection

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Join our Operational Excellence Programme™

and start maximizing your profit for life


Information & instructions

  • Operational Excellence videos explaining best practices
  • Operational Excellence instruction sheets containing procedures & guidelines for best practices
  • Latest incubation program updates
  • Latest software updates

Remote support

  • Remote login for Petersime assistance
  • Advanced incubation support to optimize hatching results
  • Incubation webinars

Expert visit

  • Maintenance check-up of your hatchery by Petersime technician
  • On-site assistance for your entire staff

Operational Excellence Software

  • Schedule, manage and follow up all maintenance activities
  • Apply the correct loading procedure for every individual flock
  • Fully compatible with Eagle Eye™
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How Petersime customers strive for Operational Excellence


"Everything starts with good training. Skilled people at every level are the key to continuous improvement."

Mr Dominique Perrot - Couvoir Perrot, France Read more

"You pay a high price if you try to save on maintenance.""

Mr Joaquín De Grazia - Granja Tres Arroyos, Argentina Read more

"The bio-security chain is as strong as the weakest link. Its success relies on each of our cleaning people, each and every day."

Mrs Fan Xiaoyan - Shandong Minhe, China Read more

"It only takes 1 suboptimal element in the hatchery to jeopardize chick quality. We need to work on more than 100 to maximize the results."

Mr Cees van Gent - Broederij van Gent, the Netherlands Read more

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